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DFI plays an important role in attracting world-class researchers in finance to Denmark

The December 2021 edition of Finans Invest features an article about Danish Finance Institute and its role in establishing a world-class research environment in Denmark. The article “Danish Finance Institute: Etablering af verdensklasse finansieringsforskning i Danmark” is written by Christian Riis Flor, professor at SDU and DFI Fellow, and gives a description of DFI’s work and its initiatives, which make an important contribution to the Danish research environment in finance.

Danish universities find it difficult to attract and retain international talent in research. This is due to the increasing competition on the international job market and the financial sector itself, where the general remuneration often is higher, than what Danish universities can allow for. Through additional funding, such as Research Scholarships and Publication Scholarships, DFI and the Danish universities are able to attract high-quality finance scholars to Denmark, and help lever the research environment for the benefit of the Danish financial sector.
In addition, other initiatives, such as the DFI Annual Conference and an upcoming series of podcasts in “Rig på Viden” featuring DFI scholars, help build a bridge between research, practitioners in the financial sector and the wider audience.

DFI is sponsored by Finans Danmark, and will go through a midterm review in spring 2022.

You can find the article here.

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