About Danish Finance Institute

Danish Finance Institute (DFI) is an initiative that supports the building of a world-class Danish research environment in finance and thus supports Denmark as a financial center through the development of new knowledge and by educating excellent candidates for the Danish society

Our goal

Increasing international competition for finance researchers is making it increasingly difficult for Danish universities to compete internationally to attract and retain the best researchers. The salaries Danish universities can offer are significantly lower than those offered internationally. One of the main goals of the Danish Finance Institute is to help Danish universities compete in this area.

The aim of DFI is thus to support the establishment of a world-class research environment, and in this way to support Denmark as a financial center by improving our understanding of financial markets and educating outstanding candidates. Danish Finance Institute will help attract top international researchers and develop the Danish research environment in finance. It is our hope that the partnership between universities and the financial sector can also be inspirational for academic research and that this research can be disseminated to the Danish society. Moreover, having strong research-based education is critical for educating skilled candidates (bachelors, masters, and PhDs) with knowledge of the financial sector.

The Danish Finance Institute is founded and sponsored by the members of Finance Denmark with 7.8 mill. DKK annually for up to 10 years with an evaluation after 5 years


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