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Research Scholarships

Research Scholarships provide salary support for international finance researchers that join the Danish finance research community from abroad

The Research Scholarship program at the Danish Finance Institute supports international recruitment of researchers. The Research Scholarships are awarded in co-operation with the research departments at the participating universities.


Research Scholarships can only be awarded to researchers recruited internationally. A researcher is regarded as having been 'recruited internationally' when the researcher has worked and lived abroad for the past 20 months at the start of the employment period at a participating university. The researcher may, however, have held a part-time position at a Danish University, as long as this is not the researcher's main employment and as long as the researcher has not been a resident of Denmark during this period.

A Research Scholarships can only be awarded to DFI Research Fellows. If the recipient of a scholarship ceases to have main employment at a participating university, any remaining part of the scholarship is revoked.

Recipients of a DFI Research Scholarship are required to be DFI Fellows, and they remain eligible for Publication Scholarships. 

Period and allocation

Research Scholarships are typically awarded for a period of 3-6 years for new researchers recruited from abroad. Assistant professors will normally be awarded a Research Scholarship for a period of 3 years with the possibility of extension for another 3 years.

Research Scholarship are initially awarded by the management, and extensions must be approved by the Scientific Board. Any questions regarding the finance relevance of a research area or the eligibility of a potential recipient, are decided by the Scientific Board.

Current Research Scholars

Ejnar Kjenstad
Assistant Professor

Anil Kumar
Assistant Professor

Yuan Li
Assistant Professor

Christoph Merkle
Associate Professor

Ran Xing
Assistant Professor

Peter Brok
Assistant Professor

Peter Feldhütter

Thomas Geelen
Assistant Professor

Kasper Meisner Nielsen

Kathrin Schlafmann    
Assistant Professor

Daniel Streitz
Assistant Professor

Fabrice Tourre
Assistant Professor

Participating Universities