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Awarded Publication Scholarships 2019


The Danish Finance Institute has awarded a DFI Publication Scholarship to 12 publications in 2019

The DFI Scientific Board has approved 12 publications eligible for a DFI Publication Scholarship in 2019, and the Danish Finance Institute has in 2019 awarded a DFI Publication Scholarship to:

  • 10 level 1 Publications Scholarships
  • 2 level 2 Publication Scholarhips

“With a total of ten publications in what is generally considered to be the top-3 finance journals, comprised of seven in the Journal of Financial Economics, two in the Review of Financial Studies and one in the Journal of Finance, along with one publication in each of the highly rated Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and Management Science, this list is truly remarkable.”, states the DFI Scientific Board in their 2018-2019 annual report.

In 2018, the DFI awarded 16 Publication Scholarships.

You can find all the publications here: Awarded Publication Scholarships


Next application deadline
Applications for DFI Publication Scholarships 2020 should be submitted before July 1, 2020. All applications received after July 1 will be reviewed the following year. For the application deadline July 1, 2020, we accept applications for papers that have been accepted for publication or published in the current year or the year before (i.e. 2019 and 2020). Please apply online here: DFI Publication Scholarship application form.

Please note: the first payment can only be made when the article is in print or it appears as forthcoming on the journal's website.